Edit The Mig33 Application

Edit the mig33 application and give a new look the way you want Cool
1. Go to command menu(DOS) and rename the mig33.jar to mig33.zip
2. Open the zip file with any unzipping application like winzip,winrar,quickzip
3. Extract the zip file to a new folder
4. Now you can edit the mig smileys by editing the file j.png, or mig main
logo by k.png or application icon by MiG33.png
5. If you want to alter the mig name, go to the folder META-INFO and edit the
file MANIFEST.MF with a notepad( edit carefully or ur mig will not work)
6. Now select the all files and folders in the extracted folder
7. Right-click, select send to, compressed(zipped)Folder
8. Now go to the command line again and rename the new zip file to file.jar
9. Enjoy!

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